Create The Ripple Kindness Cards

The value of kindness for ourselves and our wider communities

Practising kindness is incredibly impactful to those around us, as well as improving our own wellbeing and happiness. Kindness makes life feel more meaningful, it gives us a sense of belonging and forges stronger, deeper relationships.

Using the power of everyday kindness, we support ourselves and others in our increasingly task-rich, time-poor, always-on digital world. Kindness is an essential personal leadership skill. We can all cascade kindness through people, enhancing the culture of our communities along the way.

What are Create the Ripple Kindness Cards?

Create the Ripple Kindness Cards are designed to motivate and guide us all to make even more of a positive impact. The pack of cards is split across four focused themes of self-kindness, kindness to others, team kindness or supporting a wider kindness culture. On one side of each card is an idea showing how we can demonstrate kindness.

On the other side is a quote – a quick, kindness pick-me-up! The idea is not to methodically work through the entire pack. It’s about finding a little time to pause, either alone or with friends, colleagues, or teams, and reflect, allowing the cards to inspire more considered moments of kindness and care.

Crafted With Kindness

Spreading ripples of ambitious kindness

Kindness isn’t a soft skill; it’s a human skill. Essential for us all, today and tomorrow. Let’s be ambitious about the ripples of kindness that we can create!

Kindness Cards