We are ripple-making

Our range of workshops are ready for us to shape around your own unique language, purpose, values, and priorities. Through a tried and tested process, we position content that drives the highest levels of learning absorption.
Step 1

Understanding goals

We need to know where you want to get to before you begin. So, first, we ask “what point do you want to reach”?

Defining success

Taking time to create clarity of your goals and a plan for getting there. What will you need to track to know you’ve arrived?

Step 2
Step 3

Creating benchmarks

How are things right now? Where will these learning ripples carry you? How far do you need to travel to reach your goals?

Mapping solutions

Once we’ve done the above, together we will create a clear strategy to help you to achieve your strategic goals. What matters most to you and your organisation?

Step 4
Step 5

Designing learning magic

Here we will begin to design and refine bespoke learning that creates those ripples of change. Relevant, relatable, and engaging experiences that are memorable for your team.

Facilitating meaningful experiences

Our experts will create ripples of cultural and personal improvement that guide you towards your end goals. They’re measurable and pay off long into the future.

Step 6
Step 7

Celebrating successes

Lastly, we’ll conduct a post-analysis to map improvements for the future. We will do this by reviewing the priorities, benchmarks, and learner feedback to continuously improve together.

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