Connection Cards

We create moments that matter through the connections we make

Feeling a sense of belonging and fulfilment are both essential aspects of being human. Yet so often, we can feel frustrated, detached and lost. We are not alone. Many of us feel disconnected due to modern living, health issues, work and other responsibilities. It can happen to us all, no matter our personal situations or social circumstances.

We all have the ability to create connections and allow ourselves and others to thrive, creating ripples of unity and togetherness throughout our communities, families and workplaces. Create the Ripple Connection Cards are designed to help us reconnect by creating astonishing opportunities for improved happiness, greater stability and a profound sense of purpose.

What are Create the Ripple Connection Cards?

Create the Ripple Connection Cards are designed to inspire, motivate and guide us to make even more of a positive impact. One side of the card contains inspiration on how to create a connection. Choose one at random or structure them around the focused themes of Core Connection, Connection with Others, Building Connections and Connection Culture.

Flip them over and you’ll find a quote. These are quick, connection pick-me-ups. Shuffle the cards, pick a couple and take a moment to reflect. How about sharing with someone else?

Crafted For Connection

Creating connections is so important for us all

How we relate to each other should be founded on kindness and mutual appreciation. It’s how we feel, seen, heard and understood. These magical cards are a little prompt to help you build those links within your own tribe.

Connection Cards