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We know our method works because our clients tell us every day!

An authentic delivery of support and guidance with constructive input, allowing quick results.

Kara, Vice President, Finance

Truly passionate, professional, and capable coach & trainer.  Positivity and energy shines through everything with a genuine care and warmth which creates a platform of trust and openness to support personal and team development.

Karen, Head of Marketing, Finance

Create the Ripple makes the “whole” zing – thinking about every little thing to tease the value out of all aspects of what they do so brilliantly.

Nick, Director, Technology

They never assume, always look to understand where issues and questions truly come – in order to provide precise support. Relatable, sharing and speaking from experience and from the heart.

Felicita, Sales Enablement, E-Learning

They share a real passion to ensure people are made to feel like individuals. An example of this is arranging small, personalised gifts & items which leave you with a lasting impression of Create the Ripple.

Claire, Business Planning & Governance, Banking

Emma’s energy is totally unlimited! I have yet to come across a presenter that captivates her audience the whole time in the way that Emma does. The varying ways of interacting in the session was excellent – first class!

Martin, Business Development, Financial Services

Enthusiasm and passion for what they do and ability to make and be adaptable to suggestions.

Kelsey, Talent & Development, Legal

I would happily work with CTR every day for the rest of my life. They navigate every situation with skill, consideration, determination, and an abundance of positivity. Emma’s aura is infectious, encouraging everyone to show up as their best self.

Ashleigh, Global Sales, Insurance

Listening rather than talking and wanting to understand our lived experience rather than previous encounters.

Michael, CEO, Financial Services

Instinctively knew when to pause and listen and when to interject and tease out deeper insight from those attending the course. Ability to flex and adapt style to audience is particularly impressive.

Candice, HR Director, Financial Services

Client Advocacy
5 Stars

Motivational · Innovative · Inclusive · Memorable · Energetic · Knowledgeable · Insightful · Fun · Kind · Passionate · Positive

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